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What I got was the worst.

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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, these pictures will save you having to read a 3, word description of the errors I encountered Sunday afternoon and well into the evening. In other words, my Mac no longer remembered me or my password and all attempts to reset the password failed. I tried starting it in Target mode and booting from the MacBook Air, but it remained stubbornly unable to recall my user account or FileVault passwords.

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GoogleFu failed to uncover a fix, so late Sunday night I threw in the towel and called Apple. My tech was great and in about 30 minutes we determined it would require in-store diagnostics to proceed any further. Can you imagine being without your Mac for two days?

Then I tried the usual tricks one tries…

Then, good news! I related my tale of woe to another excellent technician. Good news: They could expedite a depot repair and get it back to me by Wednesday.

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I bought the MacBook Air for travel and testing, not to use as a daily driver. The one lesson I learned is that this kind of disaster — one severe enough to cause a day or two of lost work — can happen at any time. In other words, I could probably achieve zero downtime if I bought a third Mac with roughly the same specs as my daily driver the MacBook Pro. One last thing: The care I received from Apple was first-rate from start to finish.

Everyone I worked with or talked to went out of their way to reassure me they were doing everything possible to get the issue resolved quickly.. While Command-R at startup always installs whatever the most recent version you installed on your Mac, holding down Command-Option-R brings down the very latest compatible version that can be installed.

How to fix the “Startup Disk Full” error on your Mac

Apple also offers Shift-Command-Option-R, which installs the version of OS X or macOS with which your computer shipped, or the next oldest compatible system still available for download. Apple just changed this behavior with The pre Email yours to mac macworld. Well, here's what you can do. When a Mac fails to start up normally, one of the common troubleshooting practices is to verify and repair the startup drive.

HOW TO: Choose your startup disk on Mac

A startup drive that is experiencing problems is likely to prevent your Mac from starting, so you may find yourself in a catch The easiest solution by far is to boot from a different device. To boot from another hard drive or a USB flash device , hold down the option key and start up your Mac. The Mac OS startup manager will appear, allowing you to select the device to boot from.

Repair Boot Disk in Mac OS X with Disk Utility & Recovery HD

To start up in Safe Mode , hold down the shift key and then start your Mac. It will also delete some of the startup caches that may also be preventing your Mac from starting successfully. When First Aid is finished, restart your Mac normally.

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  • Use any of these 3 methods to get your Mac up and running.

You should use this startup mode only for troubleshooting and not for running day-to-day applications.