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The 3DO Company. Murdered by traitors, resurrected by Necromancers as an undead lich, Erathia's deceased king commands its neighboring enemies to seize his former kingdom. His progress is halted when his daughter Catherine, Queen of Enroth, returns to the shores of her homeland.

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In the service of Erathia, beset by enemies external and internal, you command the land's greates heroes and fiercest creatures, in Queen Catherine's war to restore her homeland, discover her father's killer and free him from the prison of his undead body. Heroes of Might and Magic V. Witness the amazing evolution of the genre-defining strategy game as it becomes a next-generation phenomenon, melding classic deep fantasy with new generation visuals and gameplay.

The fate of the world is at stake and heroes from a variety of legendary factions must stand up and defend their causes. Age of Empires III. Microsoft Game Studios. Tides of Darkness Know someone who might like this game? Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. Tides of Darkness Trailer.

Tides of Darkness is a fantasy-themed real-time strategy game.

Players must collect resources, and produce buildings and units in order to defeat an opponent in combat on the ground, in the air and in some maps at sea. The more advanced combat units are produced at the same buildings as the basic units but also need the assistance of other buildings, or must be produced at buildings that have prerequisite buildings.

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Generals Know someone who might like this game? Generals Trailer. EA Games. Choose your powerful General to control massive armies of bleeding-edge military weaponry across a globe teetering on the brink of Armageddon. Command one of three unique sides, each with customisable high-tech arsenals ready to deliver unprecedented firepower on land or in the skies.

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Annihilate the opposition in the mission single-player campaign or dish out the damage in global multiplayer mayhem. Age of Mythology.

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Microsoft Studios. After battling through the Age of Empires, it is time to go deeper into the history of mankind, and play in the Ancient cities of the true gods. Latest commit fba Apr 13, Rise of the Witch King: Mac OSX Build This game has been modified from its original version and cannot be guaranteed to run on your system.

Users of this software MUST own a physical licensed copy of this game with a valid serial number, and by using this program you are agreeing that this is the case, and using your personal serial numbers for the software. I may not be held responsible for any misuse of the tools provided in this software, and any additional utilities in this package are only provided for the purpose of ease-of-installation.

Feel free to contact me via reddit: Open a new Finder window 2. Right-click the application icon 3. Select "Show Package Contents" 4. Right-click "Options. How did you manage to get them or a virtual image to work in your wrapper?

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Since this seems to be the prerequisite for multiplayer. Some Resolution issues can be resolved with the new 1. Patch 1. On my Intel HD it plays flawlessly after one and a half hour, without any graphical glitches or the like some missing text.

The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth…

Same as in your wrapper. I'm not that good at this stuff, but if you want to see whats different to your wrapper, I uploaded it for you and others who may experience the same problems as I did. But you have to import your Bfme2 registry files, since mine was the german version and the file paths are translated.

Feel free to use it for your own wrapper if it helps to resolve any issues. Heres the file: Nakkikaakao Dec 24 Hi guys! Do you know the way to round this issue? I have installed the game from a legit disc. By the way I'm using Os X Leopard Nano Dec 26 Nakkikaakao Dec 27 Hey again! I tried many ways to fix this Found a Disc Image in. Still being stuck at the "No CD" error, however feeling I'm really close getting it open. I've used CrossOver to open the files and installing the game from CD.

Let's Replay! LOTR: The Battle for Middle-Earth 2 - Episode 1 - Our Adventure Begins!

Couldn't get the wrappers above work on my Leopard unluckily Wineskin is only for Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks!. SoBlunted Apr 27 I am running Mavericks on my early iMac. We have both enabled our computers for file sharing and are connected. We both have different copies of the game that work fine in single player and are on version 1. When we enter the Network tab through the game we can both see each others names in the lobby.

If she creates a game it will not let me connect to her room. If I create a game she can join it but when I start the game she is left behind in the lobby and we are disconnected.