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Fortunately, there are many alternatives - paid and free. Among the free file managers can be noted Moroshka , Midnight commander and muCommander. The program makes a positive impression and has features such as bookmarks, archieves support writing zip, 7zip and tar , hex viewer. The program is lightweight and runs fast. However the source code is closed.

The second file manager is Midnight Commander. It work in the console and is open source. It can be installed with ports or brew. Midnight Commander looks like this:.

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Third file manager, attracting attention is muCommander. It's open source. The applications looks like this muCommander support color themes:. I cloned the source to github and made a few fixes. MacOS installation: Download Current version is 0. Mac OS X v0.

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Windows v0. Webstart v0.

Granting full disk access to muCommander (macOS Mojave)

Portable version v0. Requirements Java 5 or later is required to run muCommander. Java 6 is recommended, you can download it at java. Mac OS X users: Your favorite OS already comes with a Java runtime so you're good to go! Contribute This is an ongoing project, and there are many ways you can help!


Here are some of the things you can do:. If you happen to speak a language that muCommander is not available it, you can help translate the interface. If you're a developer , you can help with the code. He came to me in the form of muCommander. Here's a non-exhaustive list of what you'll find: Free Software GPL.

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Current version is 0. Find out what's new in this version. Older versions are available for download by following the links on this page. To download the source code, see the developer resources page. Mac OS X.

Portable version. Report bugs , suggest new features or improvements.