Mac os x chgrp not working

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How to Change File Ownership in Mac OS X

Click here to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Thanks for the above Roland. After restarting, spotlight wanted to start indexing from scratch and my offsite backup Crashplan suddenly seemed convinced that it needed to backup 30 gigs of data… The computer seems to be working OK and the permissions all check out as being correct when I view them in the finder just like your example above but this has all left me feeling rather confused about what is going on here.

Spotlight is also incapable of searching an attached drive — that is just madness.

Applications folder ownership problem and fix - Mac OS X Hints

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Linked Invalid argument I'm building a website locally and am trying to upload images into a folder using PHP under http: I'm assuming I can't because of folder permissions. The script works, I've tested it on my Linux server. Invalid argument can mean it does not exist. I don't know if this matters, but currently tim is the owner of the folder and admin is the group.

Would the issue not be at the destination?

You have only mentioned the folder. The image had staff as the group. I changed it to admin and it was able to upload! Thank you! This has been driving me nuts for a week and nobody was able to help!

PART 1: How to View and Change File Permissions