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You should know if your web fonts are going to display correctly or if you are using the right web-safe fonts to prevent your users from seeing a totally different font style that will muck up your design. While you can install a Google Font rather quickly, you may not be aware of when to use web-safe fonts.

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While the computer will try to load the web font Montserrat first, it will default to Arial as the web-safe font. Arial is one of the most popular and widely used san serif fonts in the world. So really Arial is nothing but an imposter to the font world. This is the bolder version of basic Arial font and is big and bold to say the least. Ideal for a headers rather than body copy. If all else fails then at least you have Helvetica to make things better. Another solid font that is very popular in print and on the web.

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Its a true web font due to its simple structure, streamlines and large, clear letters. While close to Arial and Helvetica, Verdana is an older sans serif font that can be a bit large when displayed. Its typeface has elongated lines, so be careful when using this font in certain web designs. This sans-serif font was designed by Vincent Connare for the Microsoft corporation in This font is most commonly used in body copy throughout the internet and is a very popular font for that purpose.

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Gill Sans is a sans-serif typeface with a touch of modernity. A part of the humanist family, this font has a handwritten quality that guides the eye horizontally. This makes Gill Sans ideal for reading long passages. Noto Sans is a part of the Noto font family. The Noto family was made to create visual continuity among different languages and symbols across the internet. This makes Noto Sans a great choice for multilingual passages and a safe choice for any website. Like Gill Sans, Optima is a humanist typeface with organic, handwritten qualities.

The font is reminiscent of ancient Roman text and adds a regal air to any webpage.

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It is one of the most enduringly popular fonts of its kind and is widely used for logos and names. Arial Narrow is one of the most popular fonts because of its versatility. Its intentionally generic design makes the typeface a good choice for large bodies of text. Because the Arial font family is available on Mac and Windows, you will not have to worry about visual discrepancies across operating systems. Times font is a traditional newspaper print font. One of the most recognisable fonts in the world.

Time New Roman is the most popular serif font and is what Arial is to the san-serif family of fonts. Used mainly on Windows devices and applications, Times New Roman is the updated and newer version of Times font. Didot is an old French typeface originally used for printing presses. It is a serif font, which means each letter is stylized with small lines. Didot is known for its elegant aesthetic, and for that reason it adds a formal quality to text.

Georgia, like Didot, is a serif font with an elegant air.

Its thick strokes make it a great choice for webpage text because it is legible on low-resolution screens. For this reason, it is commonly used on e-readers. Palatino is a serif font that is also a part of the humanist typeface family.

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It is largely used in headings and titles because of its solid structure. Bookman is a serif typeface. Also known as Bookman Old Style, this classic font has a bold and stalky structure. Its simple, stalky design makes Bookman a great choice for large passages of small text. As the name suggests, New Century Schoolbook is a serif font created specifically for body text.

The typeface is quite nostalgic, as the font appears in many early-reader textbooks.

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Like Bookman, New Century Schoolbook is a good font choice for large bodies of text. American Typewriter is a serif font that imitates typewriter text. The versatility of its predecessor makes this font a good choice for body text. The typeface also boasts a classic and nostalgic quality that adds a stylized air to any webpage. Andale Mono is a monospaced sans-serif font. This means that each letter is the same width, giving the typeface a mechanical quality.

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