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In the right circumstance, you can simply follow these steps without having to back up the entire drive, erase and reformat it, and add new partitions. Always back up your drive before attempting to resize partitions in case something goes wrong, or you accidentally click to proceed on a destructive operation. You can read a lot of detail about macOS drive partitioning, and still find that a volume that meets all the parameters for resizing without erasing, and still be told by Disk Utility that the partition will be erased.

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Disk Utility lets you resize partitions, but it can be hard to predict whether this will require erasing the partition or not until you click Apply. To use the resizeVolume command, you need to get some information: Now you need to find out what size your new partition can be. Run this command: This will return the current size of the partition, as well as the minimum and maximum sizes you can use. For example:.

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  • For device disk2s2 Untitled: Current size: It should follow this basic model:. The first part of the command is, of course, the command itself: Type in the size you want this partition to be, not what it currently is. So, for example, if you want the first partition to be GB, specify G. Finally, specify the format, name of your choosing, and size for the partition you want to create. Want more than two partitions? Just add additional arguments to your command. For each additional partition you wish to create, you must specify the format you want it to adopt.

    You must specify the size for each partition. Just remember to back up your Mac beforehand just in case something goes wrong, which there is always a chance of when editing file systems and partitions. No loss of data on the Mac OS partition unless something goes really wrong power failure, for example. You just plain need a backup. Removing any partition removes all files on that partition.

    Sorry to say the obvious, but someone may need to know. The issues arises when we decrease one partition and try to merge that free space into another one. I did the job with Stellar Partition manager, without any extra effort. I have done this more than one on more than one Mac, so I strongly disagree.

    Disk Utility for macOS Sierra: Partition a physical disk using Disk Utility

    Has anyone run into issues with the new 3T drives? I followed all of these steps recently in order to split my drive up to where BootCamp could work with it needs to be 2. First of all, I started off trying to split the 3T into two 1. That should have left enough for Bootcamp to use disk0s4.

    Instead, Disk Utility gave me one G and one 2. AND, there was no option to resize. I did, and now I can neither resize the old partition or add the second one back. I was able to get it down to about GB and that by moving all my data off to an external drive — no sweat there.

    The drive has been in use for SOME time now with no specific defragmenting or anything on my part. I followed several success stories for the setup and everything connected and booted up fine. I went into the Disk Utility and began the partition resize of my 1TB to get it down to the GB mark to leave some headroom for the unknown.

    I hit apply and away she went. I am now on hour 92 of shrinking the partition. I have had many other things to do so letting it run has not been an issue… but, I am ready to get on with this and put it back in use. I am concerned of stopping it but, does anyone know if it should be taking this long or do you thing something is pooched???? If I stop it what is the real risk and likelihood of causing more harm or losing the disk data entirely???

    Partitions Rules to Resizing Volumes & How to Without Losing Data | Other World Computing Blog

    Thanks for this tip.. I had to enable journaling for the triangle to appear.. Thanks for sharing the solutions, I have tried to resizing the partition but its now being it has stucked on some verifying hirarchy while resizing and get error. Please help.

    Resizing a Mac Drive Partition with Disk Utility

    It has two 3tb drives in it. Can I merge them together as one 6 TB disk?

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