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It's a great option for users who aren't the most tech savvy, so check it out if you spend a lot of time explaining how things work. Chrome Remote Desktop is a great tool for remoting into another computer and performing support tasks. It's not a presentation tool, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. The Chrome RD app has to be installed on both machines, and once you set it up you just have to add a computer to it to get permanent access between them.

There's also short-term access for remote support. Obviously, you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer to run Chrome RD, but that's the only restriction: Slack itself doesn't come packaged with screen sharing technology, but it is infinitely customizable.

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A number of Slack add-ons are available that add screen sharing to the already popular chat app. Slack's multi-channel approach to work chat is already wildly successful, and now with simple slash commands you can launch video chat as well, which will likely expand its user base even more. Simple screen sharing is allowed in Skype--all you have to do is click on the Plus button during a call to open up options and then click on Share Screens. It's a great, simple way to show something to a friend, family member, or coworker on the fly.

Rather than being a presentation app it is designed for user support. When you open it you get a simple option to request support, and the app can send an email or a file for the support person to open and connect to your computer. You also have the option to lend support to someone else. The only practical difference is that it requires the person rendering help to be signed in to a Microsoft account. Anyone using iMessage on their Mac can share desktops with another iMessage user. Just click on Details in the upper-right corner of the window while you have a chat open with that person.

Click the screen share button it looks like two overlapping squares and wait for them to accept. Messaging also automatically opens up your mic when the connection is made so you can start chatting immediately.

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  • You can give control of your computer over to the other person, too, making it a great collaboration and support app that you probably didn't even realize was installed. Brandon writes about apps and software for TechRepublic. Brandon Vigliarolo has nothing to disclose. He does not hold investments in the technology companies he covers. Image 1 of Previous Next. Email Print Reddit Instagram.

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    Telegram is a good app if you are security conscious not that others apps on the list are not secure or encrypted. So, if you have security in mind Telegram is the app for you. Free and Open Source. Discord is the chat application for gamers, IF you use skype while playing games you might consider switching to discord.

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    With dedicated apps for windows and mac osx as well as browser based apps for voice chat as well as written chat. Focused towards gamers. Cool features specifically tailored towards gamers like low cpu usage etc. Ability to create as many chat rooms and servers as you want. Slack is another skype alternative focused purely on chat for teams and chat happening inside organisations.

    WIth added features like voice and video calls, screen sharing etc. If you only want to use Slack as a free version there are other options also available that offer on par or better functionality. Alternatives like flock and hipchat could also be considered. Not good for communication outside the company with clients or customers.

    Slack is a great enterprise chat tool, but now others have also come up with me too products that offer cheaper alternative or compete with better features for the same pricing e.

    Now, Skype group screen sharing is free, no subscription needed

    Joinme is a communication tool that is suited for both internal as well as external communication. It has all the features you need like screen sharing voice and video calls etc but you need to install pesky java plugins to be able to use the functionality and the quality of screen sharing is not that great as compared to other alternatives like Dead Simple Screen Sharing. Join me is a good solution but its showing its age. It is a full features solution but its use of old java technology is undoing some of its charm.

    So, here is the list of some of the great Skype alternatives for Great Free Skype alternatives for Skype is a good tool for communication, and it is used by millions of people for audio, video, IM and screen share. Easy to use and free Works with mobile devices Fully featured solution Cons: Google hangouts is a good solution for small businesses conference calls and in-house team meetings. It works flawlessly and is free to use.

    Very easy to use. No install required Works on mobile devices No need to create an account Signup Awesome support Many advanced features available Uses next-generation technology for High-quality HD Screen Sharing and Voice calling Works with almost every browser Cons: No chat or IM available yet. Coming Soon. Lacks Video Calling Opinion: Dead Simple Screen Sharing is a good solution for small as well as large businesses.

    It is easy to use and works every time across browsers and operating systems.

    You can just share a link with your customer or client via email or IM or any way you prefer and once they click on that link they are in your meeting There are awesome scheduling and recording features also available with Dead Simple Screen Sharing. Easy to use application through mobile Good for keeping in contact with friends and family Additional features like status and stories Cons: You need to have your mobile to use WhatsApp.

    Apart from audio video and chat no other features like screen sharing recording etc Application focus is for personal use No group calling is available only one to one audio and video calls You can contact only those people who have WhatsApp on their mobile and are on your contact list. Whatsapp is good for personal communication and that is what it is made for. Keep up with your friends and family, easily create group chats and call your loved ones from your phone wherever you are. Viber ads are also available so that businesses can advertise on the VIber network.

    Support for all the operating systems, Desktop as well as mobile apps are available Easy to use Ability to call non viber users Stickers and many customizable options available Cons: Has ads Does not have business centric features like screen share recording etc No group calling feature available Opinion: Free with ads Facetime Facetime is a good alternative if you want to do video calls on iOS or Mac devices.

    It is only for personal use and not for business. Easy to use Comes bundled with apple devices Integrated with the apple eco system Cons: Works only with apple products You can do only video calling and no other feature is available You can contact people only in your contact list. It is basically for personal use, that is if everyone in your family uses apple products Pricing: Comes bundled with new apple devices. Telegram is not as polished as some of the other alternatives but supports all the platforms desktops Windows Mac Linux and Mobile ios Android and Windows Pro: Focused on security Supports all platforms Open source Cons: Plain vanilla design Lacks business features like screen sharing and video calling Opinion: So, if you have security in mind Telegram is the app for you Pricing: