Change units in autocad mac

Sets the current angle format.

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Sets the precision for the current angle display. The following conventions are used for the various angle measures: N 45d0'0" E. If the angle is precisely north, south, east, or west, only the single letter representing the compass point is displayed. Calculates positive angles in the clockwise direction. The default direction for positive angles is counterclockwise.

When prompted for an angle, you can point in the desired direction or enter an angle regardless of the setting specified for Clockwise. Displays an example of the current settings for units and angles.

Alternate Units Tab (Dimension Style Manager)

Controls the unit of measurement for the intensity of photometric lights in the current drawing. Photometric lights use the insertion scale to determine the units used in rendering, so Insertion Scale should be set to a unit style other than Unitless.

Controls the unit of measurement for blocks and drawings that are inserted into the current drawing. A block or a drawing that is created with units that are different from the units specified with this option is scaled when inserted. The insertion scale is the ratio of the units used in the source block or drawing and the units used in the target drawing.

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Select Unitless to insert the block without scaling it to match the specified units. Sets the direction of the zero angle. The following options affect the entry of angles, the display format, and the entry of polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates. If Unspecified-Unitless is selected, the object is not scaled when inserted.

Controls the number of isolines to display for surfaces and meshes. SURFU system variable. SURFV system variable. Displays a vector along specified angles when polar tracking is on. With polar tracking, you can draw lines along angles.

Access Methods

Polar angles are degree divisors, such as 45, 30, and 15 degrees. Tracking vectors are construction lines from which you can draw objects at specific angles or in specific relationships to other objects.

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  • Use a Real-World Scale?
  • Use a Custom Scale.

If this option is selected, alignment vectors are displayed as infinite lines. For example, enter cm for. Suppresses trailing zeros in all decimal dimensions. For example, Suppresses the feet portion of a feet-and-inches dimension when the distance is less than 1 foot. Suppresses the inches portion of a feet-and-inches dimension when the distance is an integral number of feet. For example, 1'-0" becomes 1'.

List of Options

Controls the placement of alternate units in dimension text. Places alternate units after the primary units in dimension text. Places alternate units below the primary units in dimension text. Displays sample dimension images that show the effects of changes you make to dimension style settings. List of Options The following options are displayed. Display Alternate Units Adds alternate measurement units to dimension text. Alternate Units Displays and sets the current alternate units format for all dimension types except Angular.

Unit Format Sets the unit format for alternate units.

UNITS (Command)

Precision Sets the number of decimal places for alternate units. Zero Suppression Controls the suppression of leading and trailing zeros and of feet and inches that have a value of zero. Sub-units factor Sets the number of sub units to a unit.